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Simulation-driven training of vision transformers enables metal artifact reduction of highly truncated CBCT scans (2023) Fan F, Ritschl L, Beister M, Biniazan R, Wagner F, Kreher BW, Gottschalk T, et al. Journal article, Original article Estimating follow-up CTs from geometric deformations of catheter implants in interstitial breast brachytherapy: A feasibility study using electromagnetic tracking (2023) Dürrbeck C, Schulz M, Pflaum L, Kallis K, Geimer T, Abu-Hossin N, Strnad V, et al. Journal article Localization of reference points in electromagnetic tracking data and their application for treatment error detection in interstitial breast brachytherapy (2023) Dürrbeck C, Schuster S, Sauer B, Abu-Hossin N, Strnad V, Fietkau R, Bert C Journal article Cone-beam CT imaging with laterally enlarged field of view based on independently movable source and detector (2023) Karius A, Szkitsak J, Strnad V, Fietkau R, Bert C Journal article Dose reduction in sequence scanning 4D CT imaging through respiratory signal-guided tube current modulation: A feasibility study (2023) Schwarz A, Werner R, Wimmert L, Vornehm M, Gauer T, Hofmann C Journal article Deep learning-based motion quantification from k-space for fast model-based magnetic resonance imaging motion correction (2022) Hoßbach J, Splitthoff DN, Cauley S, Clifford B, Polak D, Lo WC, Meyer H, Maier A Journal article Bayesian optimization to design a novel x-ray shaping device (2022) Whelan B, Trovati S, Wang J, Fahrig R, Maxim PG, Hanuka A, Shumail M, et al. Journal article Deep learning for brain metastasis detection and segmentation in longitudinal MRI data (2022) Huang Y, Bert C, Sommer P, Frey B, Gaipl U, Distel L, Weissmann T, et al. Journal article Erratum to: Dosimetry on first clinical dark-field chest radiography (Medical Physics, (2021), 48, 10, (6152-6159), 10.1002/mp.15132) (2022) Frank M, Urban T, Willer K, Noichl W, De Marco F, Schick R, Gleich B, et al. Journal article, Erratum Single-material beam hardening correction via an analytical energy response model for diagnostic CT (2022) Haase V, Hahn K, Schoendube H, Stierstorfer K, Maier A, Noo F Journal article