International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

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Pre-surgery planning tool for estimation of resection volume to improve nasal breathing based on lattice Boltzmann fluid flow simulations (2021) Berger M, Pillei M, Giotakis A, Mehrle A, Recheis W, Kral F, Kraxner M, et al. Journal article Agreement between rhinomanometry and computed tomography-based computational fluid dynamics (2021) Berger M, Giotakis AI, Pillei M, Mehrle A, Kraxner M, Kral F, Recheis W, et al. Journal article Evaluation of a marker-less, intra-operative, augmented reality guidance system for robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (2020) Kalia M, Mathur P, Tsang K, Black P, Navab N, Salcudean S Journal article pix2xray: converting RGB images into X-rays using generative adversarial networks (2020) Haiderbhai M, Ledesma S, Lee SC, Seibold M, Fuernstahl P, Navab N, Fallavollita P Journal article Automatic intraoperative optical coherence tomography positioning (2020) Grimm M, Roodaki H, Eslami A, Navab N Journal article Acoustic signal analysis of instrument–tissue interaction for minimally invasive interventions (2020) Ostler D, Seibold M, Fuchtmann J, Samm N, Feussner H, Wilhelm D, Navab N Journal article Precise proximal femur fracture classification for interactive training and surgical planning (2020) Jimenez-Sanchez A, Kazi A, Albarqouni S, Kirchhoff C, Biberthaler P, Navab N, Kirchhoff S, Mateus D Journal article XDose: toward online cross-validation of experimental and computational X-ray dose estimation (2020) Roser P, Birkhold A, Preuhs A, Ochs P, Stepina E, Strobel N, Kowarschik M, et al. Journal article A learning-based method for online adjustment of C-arm Cone-beam CT source trajectories for artifact avoidance (2020) Thies M, Zäch JN, Gao C, Taylor R, Navab N, Maier A, Unberath M Journal article Radiation-free methods for navigated screw placement in slipped capital femoral epiphysis surgery (2019) Azizi Koutenaei B, Fotouhi J, Alambeigi F, Wilson E, Guler O, Oetgen M, Cleary K, Navab N Journal article
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