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Study of growth and characterization of Fe-catalyzed β-Ga2O3 nanowires (2015) Kumar S, Tessarek C, Hähnel A, Christiansen S, Singh R Conference contribution Anisotropic composites of desaminotyrosine and desaminotyrosyl tyrosine functionalized gelatin and bioactive glass microparticles (2015) Julich-Gruner KK, Lendlein A, Boccaccini AR, Neffe AT Journal article, Report Low-temperature photosensitive polyimide processing for use in 3D integration technologies (2014) Windrich F, Malanin M, Eichhorn KJ, Voit B, Lang KD Conference contribution Theoretical energy yield of GaAs-on-Si tandem solar cells (2014) Liu H, Ren Z, Liu Z, Brandt RE, Mailoa JP, Siah SC, Aberle AG, et al. Conference contribution Theoretical investigation of nano-muffin and inverted nano-pyramid surface textures for energy harvesting in very thin c-Si solar cells (2014) Wang P, Azimi S, Breese MB, Peters M Conference contribution Optimising the parameters for the synthesis of CuIn-nanoparticles by chemical reduction method for chalcopyrite thin film precursors (2013) Schuster M, Möckel S, Wibowo RA, Hock R, Wellmann P Journal article, Original article Microstructure and oxidation resistance of Cr-Ta-Si alloys (2011) Bhowmik A, Pang HT, Neumeier S, Stone HJ, Edmonds I Conference contribution Real-Time Investigations on the Formation of CuIn(S,Se)(2) While Annealing Precursors With Varying Sulfur Content (2010) Hölzing A, Schurr R, Jost S, Palm J, Deseler K, Hock R, Wellmann P Journal article, Original article Bulk growth of SiC (2008) Wellmann P, Müller R, Sakwe A, Künecke U, Hens P, Stockmeier M, Konias K, et al. Journal article, Original article Study on the local damage mechanisms in WC-Co hard metals during scratch testing (2007) Ndlovu S, Durst K, Höppel HW, Göken M Journal article
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