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Simulation study on X-ray phase contrast imaging with dual-phase gratings (2019) Bopp J, Ludwig V, Seifert M, Pelzer G, Maier A, Anton G, Riess C Journal article, Original article An analytical approach for the simulation of realistic low-dose fluoroscopic images (2019) Hariharan SG, Strobel N, Kaethner C, Kowarschik M, Fahrig R, Navab N Journal article Deep learning-based detection of motion artifacts in probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy images. (2019) Aubreville M, Stöve M, Oetter N, Goncalves M, Knipfer C, Neumann H, Bohr C, et al. Journal article, Original article Pitfalls in interventional X-ray organ dose assessment—combined experimental and computational phantom study: application to prostatic artery embolization (2019) Roser P, Birkhold A, Zhong X, Ochs P, Stepina E, Kowarschik M, Fahrig R, Maier A Journal article, Original article A machine learning pipeline for internal anatomical landmark embedding based on a patient surface model (2019) Zhong X, Strobel N, Birkhold A, Kowarschik M, Fahrig R, Maier A Journal article Traditional machine learning for limited angle tomography (2018) Huang Y, Lu Y, Taubmann O, Lauritsch G, Maier A Journal article, Original article Viewpoint Planning for Quantitative Coronary Angiography (IJCARS) (2018) Preuhs A, Berger M, Bauer S, Redel T, Unberath M, Achenbach S, Maier A Journal article Computer-aided evaluation of low-dose and low-contrast agent third-generation dual-source CT angiography prior to transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) (2016) Dankerl P, Hammon M, Seuß H, Tröbs M, Schuhbaeck A, Hell MM, Achenbach S, et al. Journal article Interactive virtual stent planning for the treatment of coarctation of the aorta (2016) Neugebauer M, Glöckler M, Goubergrits L, Kelm M, Kuehne T, Hennemuth A Journal article Patient-individualized boundary conditions for CFD simulations using time-resolved 3D angiography (2016) Bögel M, Gehrisch S, Redel T, Rohkohl C, Dörfler A, Maier A, Kowarschik M, Hölter P Journal article
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