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A New Immortalized Human Lacrimal Gland Cell Line (2024) Gleixner S, Zahn I, Dietrich J, Singh S, Drobny A, Schneider Y, Schwendner R, et al. Journal article Glycerol Trinitrate Acts Downstream of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in Trigeminal Nociception—Evidence from Rodent Experiments with Anti-CGRP Antibody Fremanezumab (2024) Benedicter N, Vogler B, Kuhn A, Schramm J, Mackenzie KD, Stratton J, Dux M, Meßlinger K Journal article Enrichment, Characterization, and Proteomic Profiling of Small Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Human Limbal Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Melanocytes (2024) Kistenmacher S, Schwämmle M, Martin G, Ulrich E, Tholen S, Schilling O, Gießl A, et al. Journal article Neoadjuvant Radiochemotherapy Alters the Immune and Metabolic Microenvironment in Oral Cancer—Analyses of CD68, CD163, TGF-β1, GLUT-1 and HIF-1α Expressions (2024) Weber M, Ries J, Braun K, Wehrhan F, Distel L, Geppert CI, Lutz R, et al. Journal article Gut–Brain Interactions and Their Impact on Astrocytes in the Context of Multiple Sclerosis and Beyond (2024) Zißler J, Rothhammer V, Linnerbauer M Journal article, Review article Different Impacts of DNA-PK and mTOR Kinase Inhibitors in Combination with Ionizing Radiation on HNSCC and Normal Tissue Cells (2024) Klieber N, Hildebrand L, Faulhaber EM, Symank JA, Häck N, Härtl A, Fietkau R, Distel L Journal article Campylobacter jejuni Surface-Bound Protease HtrA, but Not the Secreted Protease nor Protease in Shed Membrane Vesicles, Disrupts Epithelial Cell-to-Cell Junctions (2024) Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Rohde M, Olofsson A, Rehman Zu, Arnqvist A, Backert S Journal article PKD1L1 Is Involved in Congenital Chylothorax (2024) Whitchurch JB, Schneider S, Hilger AC, Köllges R, Stegmann JD, Waffenschmidt L, Dyer L, et al. Journal article Correction: Winter et al. Z-Disk-Associated Plectin (Isoform 1d): Spatial Arrangement, Interaction Partners, and Role in Filamin C Homeostasis. Cells 2023, 12, 1259 (2023) Winter L, Staszewska-Daca I, Zittrich S, Elhamine F, Zrelski MM, Schmidt K, Fischer I, et al. Journal article, Erratum Adhesion GPCR Gpr126 (Adgrg6) Expression Profiling in Zebrafish, Mouse, and Human Kidney. (2023) Cazorla-Vázquez S, Kösters P, Bertz S, Pfister F, Daniel C, Dedden M, Zundler S, et al. Journal article