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s-Block metal complexes of superbulky (tBu3Si)2N-: a new weakly coordinating anion? (2024) Knüpfer C, Klerner L, Mai J, Langer J, Harder S Journal article On the existence of low-valent magnesium-calcium complexes (2023) Mai J, Rösch B, Patel N, Langer J, Harder S Journal article Binding of exogenous cyanide reveals new active-site states in [FeFe] hydrogenases (2023) Martini MA, Bikbaev K, Pang Y, Lorent C, Wiemann C, Breuer N, Zebger I, et al. Journal article Orthogonal, modular anion-cation and cation-anion self-assembly using pre-programmed anion binding sites (2023) Dhara A, Fadler RE, Chen Y, Koettner LA, Van Craen D, Carta V, Flood AH Journal article Isostructural bridging diferrous chalcogenide cores [FeII(μ-E)FeII] (E = O, S, Se, Te) with decreasing antiferromagnetic coupling down the chalcogenide series (2023) Zars E, Gravogl L, Gau MR, Carroll PJ, Meyer K, Mindiola DJ Journal article A cross-conjugation approach for high-performance diaryl-hemithioindigo photoswitches (2023) Zitzmann M, Hampel F, Dube H Journal article Driving the quadricyclane-to-norbornadiene isomerization by charge separation with perylenediimide as electron acceptor (2023) Zika W, Leng A, Weiß R, Pinter S, Schüßlbauer C, Clark T, Hirsch A, Guldi DM Journal article Autofluorescent antimalarials by hybridization of artemisinin and coumarin: in vitro/in vivo studies and live-cell imaging (2023) Herrmann L, Leidenberger M, Sacramento de Morais A, Mai C, Çapci A, da Cruz Borges Silva M, Plass F, et al. Journal article High-throughput exploration of activity and stability for identifying photoelectrochemical water splitting materials (2022) Jenewein K, Thienhaus S, Kormanyos A, Ludwig A, Cherevko S Journal article Unprecedented pairs of uranium (IV/V) hydroxido and (IV/V/VI) oxido complexes supported by a seven- coordinate cyclen-anchored tris-aryloxide ligand (2022) Löffler S, Hümmer J, Scheurer A, Heinemann FW, Meyer K Journal article