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Change the direction: 3D optimal control simulation by directly tracking marker and ground reaction force data (2023) Nitschke M, Marzilger R, Leyendecker S, Eskofier B, Koelewijn A Journal article, Original article Identification of CDT1 as a prognostic marker in human lung adenocarcinoma using bioinformatics approaches (2023) Jiang J, Zhang Y, Wang J, Yang X, Ren X, Huang H, Wang J, et al. Journal article Antagonistic co-contraction can minimize muscular effort in systems with uncertainty (2022) Koelewijn A, Van Den Bogert AJ Journal article Growth and feeding ecology of coniform conodonts (2021) Leonhard I, Shirley B, Murdock DJE, Repetski J, Jarochowska E Journal article Drivers of beta diversity in modern and ancient reef-associated soft-bottom environments (2020) Roden V, Zuschin M, Nuetzel A, Hausmann IM, Kießling W Journal article Enforced Symmetry: The Necessity of Symmetric Waxing and Waning (2019) Hohmann N, Jarochowska E Journal article, Original article Evaluation of the socially evaluated cold-pressor group test (SECPT-G) in the general population (2019) Becker L, Schade U, Rohleder N Journal article, Original article Molecular evolution of the VacA p55 binding domain of Helicobacter pylori in mestizos from a high gastric cancer region of Colombia (2019) Gutierrez-Escobar AJ, Bravo MM, Acevedo O, Backert S Journal article 3D-Analysis of a non-planispiral ammonoid from the Hunsruck Slate: natural or pathological variation? (2017) Stilkerich J, de Baets K, Smrecak TA Journal article, Original article Dramatyping: A generic algorithm for detecting reasonable temporal correlations between drug administration and lab value alterations (2016) Newe A Journal article, Original article