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Perceived Health Benefits in Vestibular Schwannoma Patients with Long-Term Postoperative Headache: Insights from Personality Traits and Pain Coping—A Cross-Sectional Study (2024) Thomas M, Führes H, Scheer M, Rampp S, Strauss C, Schönfeld R, Leplow B Journal article The Influence of Different Irradiation Regimens on Inflammation and Vascularization in a Random-Pattern Flap Model (2023) Müller-Seubert W, Ostermaier P, Horch RE, Distel L, Frey B, Erber R, Arkudas A Journal article Interdisciplinary Treatment of Malignant Chest Wall Tumors (2023) Khamitov K, Dudek W, Arkudas A, Haj Khalaf M, Parjiea C, Higaze M, Horch RE, Sirbu H Journal article Surgical Site Infections in Glioblastoma Patients—A Retrospective Analysis (2023) Scheer M, Spindler K, Strauss C, Schob S, Dietzel CT, Leisz S, Prell J, Rampp S Journal article Early Complication Analysis of Dynamic Intraligamentary Stabilization versus Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (2023) Endreß F, Hörner R, Hauth W, Anders J, Biber R Journal article Special Issue “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Personalized Medicine” (2023) Horch RE, Arkudas A Journal article Interdisciplinary Surgical Therapy of Extremity Soft-Tissue Sarcomas: A Personalized Resection and Reconstruction Algorithm (2023) Osterloh J, Ludolph I, Grützmann R, Meyer A, Lang W, Horch RE, Fechner K, Arkudas A Journal article The Impact of Anatomical Predisposition and Mechanism of Trauma on Dislocation of the Patella: A Retrospective Analysis of 104 Cases (2023) Schubert I, Morris P, Dickschas J, Strohm PC Journal article Effects of Different Orthoses on Neuromuscular Activity of Superficial and Deep Shoulder Muscles during Activities of Daily Living and Physiotherapeutic Exercises in Healthy Participants (2022) Grim C, Baumgart C, Schlarmann M, Hotfiel T, Javanmardi S, Hoffmann N, Kurz E, et al. Journal article Is Instillational Topical Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Peri-Prosthetic Infections of the Breast Effective? A Pilot Study (2022) Grüner J, Horch RE, Geierlehner A, Müller-Seubert W, Cai A, Arkudas A, Ludolph I Journal article
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