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Online bias-aware disease module mining with ROBUST-Web (2023) Sarkar S, Lucchetta M, Maier A, Abdrabbou MMM, Baumbach J, List M, Schaefer MH, Blumenthal DB Journal article VisuStatR: Visualizing motility and morphology statistics on images in R (2022) Harmel C, Ahmed SS, Koch R, Tunnermann J, Distler T, Imle A, Giorgetti L, et al. Journal article Robust disease module mining via enumeration of diverse prize-collecting Steiner trees (2022) Bernett J, Krupke D, Sadegh S, Baumbach J, Fekete SP, Kacprowski T, List M, Blumenthal DB Journal article 3Dscript.server: true server-side 3D animation of microscopy images using a natural language-based syntax (2021) Schmid B, Tripal P, Winter Z, Palmisano R Journal article Conditional out-of-distribution generation for unpaired data using transfer VAE (2020) Lotfollahi M, Naghipourfar M, Theis FJ, Wolf FA Journal article Highly accurate classification of chest radiographic reports using a deep learning natural language model pre-trained on 3.8 million text reports (2020) Bressem KK, Adams LC, Gaudin RA, Troeltzsch D, Hamm B, Makowski MR, Schuele CY, et al. Journal article EpiGEN: An epistasis simulation pipeline (2020) Blumenthal DB, Viola L, List M, Baumbach J, Tieri P, Kacprowski T Journal article BiCoN: Network-constrained biclustering of patients and omics data (2020) Lazareva O, Canzar S, Yuan K, Baumbach J, Blumenthal DB, Tieri P, Kacprowski T, List M Journal article Automatic identification of relevant genes from low-dimensional embeddings of single-cell RNA-seq data (2020) Angerer P, Fischer DS, Theis FJ, Scialdone A, Marr C Journal article A framework for modeling epistatic interaction (2020) Blumenthal DB, Baumbach J, Hoffmann M, Kacprowski T, List M Journal article
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