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Entanglement analysis of photoinduced η -pairing states (2023) Ejima S, Lange F, Fehske H Journal article On the stability of hole states in molecules and clusters (2022) Reinhard PG, Dinh PM, Dundas D, Suraud E, Vincendon M Journal article Folding drives cortical thickness variations (2020) Holland MA, Budday S, Li G, Shen D, Goriely A, Kuhl E Journal article Hierarchical quantum master equation approach to charge transport in molecular junctions with time-dependent molecule-lead coupling strengths (2019) Erpenbeck A, Götzendörfer L, Schinabeck C, Thoss M Journal article Density functional theory of heterogeneous crystallization (2014) Neuhaus T, Härtel A, Marechal M, Schmiedeberg M, Löwen H Journal article, Review article Morphodynamic modeling of aeolian dunes: Review and future plans (2014) Ribeiro Parteli EJ, Kroy K, Tsoar H, Andrade JS, Pöschel T Journal article, Review article Distribution of chaos and periodic spikes in a three-cell population model of cancer (2014) Gallas J, Gallas MR, Gallas MR Journal article Self-organization of antiperiodic oscillations (2014) Freire JG, Cabeza C, Marti AC, Pöschel T, Gallas J Journal article, Original article Vibrational and molecular dynamics of a nanoconfined liquid crystal (2010) Schönhals A, Frunza S, Frunza L, Unruh T, Frick B, Zorn R Journal article MATS and LaSpec: High-precision experiments using ion traps and lasers at FAIR (2010) Rodríguez D, Blaum K, Nörtershäuser W, Ahammed M, Algora A, Audi G, Äystö J, et al. Journal article