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Afforestation or intense pasturing improve the ecological and economic value of abandoned tropical farmlands (2014) Knoke T, Bendix J, Pohle P, Hamer U, Hildebrandt P, Roos K, Gerique A, et al. Journal article Edge and confinement effects allow in situ measurement of size and thickness of liquid-exfoliated nanosheets (2014) Backes C, Smith RJ, McEvoy N, Berner N, McCloskey D, Nerl HC, O'Neill A, et al. Journal article Exciton-dominated optical response of ultra-narrow graphene nanoribbons (2014) Denk R, Hohage M, Zeppenfeld P, Cai J, Pignedoli CA, Soede H, Fasel R, et al. Journal article CHOLINE TRANSPORTER-LIKE1 is required for sieve plate development to mediate long-distance cell-to-cell communication (2014) Dettmer J, Ursache R, Campilho A, Miyashima S, Belevich I, O'Regan S, Mullendore DL, et al. Journal article A cochlear-bone wave can yield a hearing sensation as well as otoacoustic emission (2014) Tchumatchenko T, Reichenbach T Journal article Direct observation of half-metallicity in the Heusler compound Co 2 MnSi (2014) Jourdan M, Minar J, Braun J, Kronenberg A, Chadov S, Balke B, Gloskovskii A, et al. Journal article Amotl2 links ve-cadherin to contractile actin fibres necessary for aortic lumen expansion (2014) Hultin S, Zheng Y, Mojallal M, Vertuani S, Gentili C, Balland M, Milloud R, et al. Journal article IL-27 and IL-12 oppose pro-inflammatory IL-23 in CD4+ T cells by inducing Blimp1 (2014) Heinemann C, Heink S, Petermann F, Vasanthakumar A, Rothhammer V, Doorduijn E, Mitsdoerffer M, et al. Journal article Controlling the crystalline three-dimensional order in bulk materials by single-wall carbon nanotubes (2014) Lopez-Andarias J, Luis Lopez J, Atienza C, Brunetti FG, Romero-Nieto C, Guldi DM, Martin N Journal article Hierarchically porous carbons with optimized nitrogen doping as highly active electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction (2014) Liang HW, Zhuang X, Bruller S, Feng X, Mullen K Journal article