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Compensatory behavior of physical activity in adolescents – a qualitative analysis of the underlying mechanisms and influencing factors (2024) Beck F, Swelam BA, Dettweiler U, Krieger C, Reimers AK Journal article Working conditions and mental health of migrants and refugees in Europe considering cultural origin– a systematic review (2024) Herold R, Lieb M, Borho A, Voss A, Unverzagt S, Morawa E, Rothermund E, Erim Y Journal article Resilient communities? A qualitative interview study on sustaining a community project for health promotion among socially disadvantaged women during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic (2023) Sauter A, Linder S, Abu-Omar K, Sommer RM, Herrmann-Johns A Journal article Health-oriented leadership, gender-differences and job satisfaction: results from a representative population-based study in Germany (2023) Lutz R, Jungbäck N, Wischlitzki E, Drexler H Journal article Physical activity of children and adolescents who use a wheelchair: a systematic review (2023) Seemüller S, Beck F, Reimers AK Journal article Associations of parents’ and adolescents’ active travel behavior across various destinations – a sex/gender analysis (2023) Beck F, Marzi I, Renninger D, Demetriou Y, Engels E, Niermann C, Reimers AK Journal article Promoting physical activity-related health competence to increase leisure-time physical activity and health-related quality of life in German private sector office workers (2023) Blaschke S, Carl J, Pelster K, Mess F Journal article Perceived importance of pandemic interventions for attending cultural events – findings from Germany (2022) Weber M, Plew M, Neumann C, Ostendorf M, Herr RM, Fischer J Journal article Associations of individual factors and early childhood education and care (ECEC) centres characteristics with preschoolers’ BMI in Germany (2022) Herr RM, De Bock F, Diehl K, Wiedemann E, Sterdt E, Blume M, Hoffmann S, et al. Journal article Young people's health and well-being during the school-to-work transition: a prospective cohort study comparing post-secondary pathways (2022) Reuter M, Herke M, Richter M, Diehl K, Hoffmann S, Pischke CR, Dragano N Journal article
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