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Ion-induced field screening as a dominant factor in perovskite solar cell operational stability (2024) Thiesbrummel J, Shah S, Gutierrez-Partida E, Zu F, Peña-Camargo F, Zeiske S, Diekmann J, et al. Journal article Suppression of phase segregation in wide-bandgap perovskites with thiocyanate ions for perovskite/organic tandems with 25.06% efficiency (2024) Zhang Z, Chen W, Jiang X, Cao J, Yang H, Chen H, Yang F, et al. Journal article Organic solar cells using oligomer acceptors for improved stability and efficiency (2022) Liang Y, Zhang D, Wu Z, Jia T, Lüer L, Tang H, Hong L, et al. Journal article High-speed sequential deposition of photoactive layers for organic solar cell manufacturing (2022) Sun R, Wang T, Yang X, Wu Y, Wang Y, Wu Q, Zhang M, et al. Journal article An alcohol-dispersed conducting polymer complex for fully printable organic solar cells with improved stability (2022) Jiang Y, Dong X, Sun L, Liu T, Qin F, Xie C, Jiang P, et al. Journal article A bilayer conducting polymer structure for planar perovskite solar cells with over 1,400 hours operational stability at elevated temperatures (2021) Zhao Y, Heumueller T, Zhang J, Luo J, Kasian O, Langner S, Kupfer C, et al. Journal article Integration of prosumer peer-to-peer trading decisions into energy community modelling (2021) Pena-Bello A, Parra D, Herberz M, Tiefenbeck V, Patel MK, Hahnel UJJ Journal article Understanding and accounting for the effect of exchange rate fluctuations on global learning rates (2020) Lilliestam J, Melliger M, Ollier L, Schmidt TS, Steffen B Journal article The role of exciton lifetime for charge generation in organic solar cells at negligible energy-level offsets (2020) Classen A, Chochos CL, Lüer L, Gregoriou VG, Wortmann J, Osvet A, Forberich K, et al. Journal article Consensus statement for stability assessment and reporting for perovskite photovoltaics based on ISOS procedures (2020) Khenkin MV, Katz EA, Abate A, Bardizza G, Berry JJ, Brabec C, Brunetti F, et al. Journal article
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