Drying Technology

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Application of a three-fluid nozzle for the preparation of amorphous solid dispersions (2023) Corell C, Seyferth S, Fischer D, Schiffter HA Journal article Modeling and simulation of single droplet drying in an acoustic levitator (2023) Doß M, Ray N, Bänsch E Journal article Influence of moisture control on activity in continuous fluized bed drying of baker’s yeast pellets (2020) Dürr R, Bück A Journal article Multi-stage and multi-compartment model for dynamic simulation of horizontal fluidized bed granulator (2019) Mielke L, Bück A, Tsotsas E Journal article Self-tuning control of continuous fluidized bed drying of baker's yeast pellets (2019) Duerr R, Seidel C, Neugebauer C, Bück A Journal article, Original article Inductive heating of fluidized beds: Mobile versus stationary heat exchange elements (2019) Idakiev VV, Bueck A, Moerl L, Tsotsas E Journal article Microwave drying of wet clay with intermittent heating (2019) Vorhauer N, Tretau A, Bück A, Prat M Journal article The first sixty years of professor Evangelos Tsotsas—or: A quarter-century of combining drying and particle formation (2019) Bück A, Metzger T, Schönherr M Journal article, Editorial Correlation of the kinetics of aggregation and inactivation of L-glutamate dehyrogenase during drying and particle formation of a levitated microdroplet (2018) Keil N, Will S, Lee G Journal article The quantitative effect of drying on the surface color change of reaction woods: Spruce compression wood (Picea abies L.) and poplar tension wood (Populus nigra L.) (2011) Tarmian A, Foroozan Z, Gholamiyan H, Gerard J Journal article