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The Congenital Cardiology Cloud - Optimizing long-term care by connecting ambulatory and hospital medical attendance via telemedicine (2023) Rottermann K, Doll U, Pfenning S, Reichenbach M, Fey D, Dobler A, Siauw C, et al. Journal article S1 Guideline: Impairment of gonadal function after Cancer in Childhood and Adolescence (2023) Borgmann-Staudt A, Jantke A, Hinz S, Beckmann M, Dittrich R, Lotz L, Balcerek M Journal article COPHYD (Corona Owed Physical Deficiency): The Impact of Lockdown on Cardiopulmonary Function in Paediatric Cardiology Patients (2022) Stabler T, Weigelt A, Rottermann K, Wällisch W, Hübner M, Dittrich S, Schöffl I Journal article Mutations in CFAP74 as a cause of primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) with normal nasal NO production rate and normal ciliary ultrastructure (2022) Biebach L, Cindric S, Koenig J, Aprea , Dougherty G, Raidt J, Bracht D, et al. Conference contribution Targeting metabolism effectively complements tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (2022) Häselbarth L, Saul D, Krumbholz M, Mougiakaos D, Metzler M, Karow A Conference contribution Comprehensive bone marrow analysis integrating deep learning-based pattern discovery (BMDeep) (2022) Pontones M, Hoefener H, Kock F, Schwen L, Westphal M, Dickel N, Kunz M, Metzler M Conference contribution CtDNA release mechanisms in a therapeutic Ewing Sarcoma mouse model (2022) Eiblwieser J, Krumbholz M, Semper S, Frey B, Nagel L, Bäuerle T, Metzler M Conference contribution Effect of Psychosocial Factors on Growth (2021) Gohlke BC, Bettendorf M, Binder G, Hauffa B, Reinehr T, Dörr HG, Wölfle J Journal article Rare Tumors in Children and Adolescents - the STEP Working Group & apos;s Evolution to a Prospective Registry (2021) Hippert F, Desing L, Diez S, Witowski A, Bernbeck B, Abele M, Seitz C, et al. Journal article Quality of Pediatric Palliative Care Crisis Intervention - A Retrospective Survey (2021) Berkmueller M, Gravou-Apostolatou C, Rascher W Journal article
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