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Ultrafast electronic relaxation pathways of the molecular photoswitch quadricyclane (2024) Borne KD, Cooper JC, Ashfold MNR, Bachmann J, Bhattacharyya S, Boll R, Bonanomi M, et al. Journal article The synthesis and characterization of an iron(VII) nitrido complex (2024) Keilwerth M, Mao W, Malischewski M, Jannuzzi SA, Breitwieser K, Heinemann FW, Scheurer A, et al. Journal article Time-resolved imaging and analysis of the electron beam-induced formation of an open-cage metallo-azafullerene (2023) Hölzel H, Lee S, Amsharov KY, Jux N, Harano K, Nakamura E, Lungerich D Journal article Highly conducting single-molecule topological insulators based on mono- and di-radical cations (2022) Li L, Low JZ, Wilhelm J, Liao G, Gunasekaran S, Prindle CR, Starr RL, et al. Journal article Time-resolved terahertz–Raman spectroscopy reveals that cations and anions distinctly modify intermolecular interactions of water (2022) Balos V, Kaliannan NK, Elgabarty H, Wolf M, Kühne TD, Sajadi M Journal article Active repair of a dinuclear photocatalyst for visible-light-driven hydrogen production (2022) Pfeffer MG, Müller C, Kastl ETE, Mengele AK, Bagemihl B, Fauth SS, Habermehl J, et al. Journal article Formation of a super-dense hydrogen monolayer on mesoporous silica (2022) Balderas-Xicohtencatl R, Lin HH, Lurz C, Daemen L, Cheng Y, Struckhoff KC, Guillet-Nicolas R, et al. Journal article Planar π-extended cycloparaphenylenes featuring an all-armchair edge topology (2022) Xiang F, Maisel S, Beniwal S, Akhmetov V, Ruppenstein C, Devarajulu M, Dörr A, et al. Journal article Photogearing as a concept for translation of precise motions at the nanoscale (2022) Gerwien A, Gnannt F, Mayer P, Dube H Journal article Adaptive response of a metal–organic framework through reversible disorder–disorder transitions (2021) Ehrling S, Reynolds EM, Bon V, Senkovska I, Gorelik TE, Evans JD, Rauche M, et al. Journal article
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