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Publisher: American Chemical Society

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Region-Selective Self-Assembly of Functionalized Carbon Allotropes from Solution (2013) Wang Z, Mohammadzadeh S, Schmaltz T, Kirschner J, Khassanov A, Eigler S, Mundloch U, et al. Journal article, Original article Scanning-Raman-microscopy for the statistical analysis of covalently functionalized graphene (2013) Englert J, Vecera P, Knirsch K, Schäfer R, Hauke F, Hirsch A, Hauke F Journal article, Original article Metallic-like stoichiometric copper sulfide nanocrystals: Phase- and shape-selective synthesis, near-infrared surface plasmon resonance properties, and their modeling (2013) Xie Y, Carbone L, Nobile C, Grillo V, D'Agostino S, Della Sala F, Giannini C, et al. Journal article, Original article Determination of the quantum dot band gap dependence on particle size from optical absorbance and transmission electron microscopy measurements (2012) Segets D, Lukas M, Klupp Taylor R, Scheele M, Zheng H, Alivisatos P, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Chiral Index Dependence of the G(+) and G(-) Raman Modes in Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes (2012) Telg H, Duque JG, Staiger M, Tu X, Hennrich F, Kappes MM, Zheng M, et al. Journal article Crystalline assemblies and densest packings of a family of truncated tetrahedra and the role of directional entropic forces (2012) Engel M, Damasceno PF, Glotzer SC Journal article, Original article Toward combining graphene and QDs: Assembling CdTe QDs to exfoliated graphite and nanographene in water (2012) Katsukis G, Malig J, Schulz-Drost C, Leubner S, Jux N, Guldi DM Journal article, Original article Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Colloidal Stability of Nanoparticles−A General Interpretation Based on Stability Maps (2011) Segets D, Marczak R, Schäfer S, Paula C, Gnichwitz JF, Hirsch A, Peukert W Journal article, Original article Raman Spectroscopy of Lithographically Patterned Graphene Nanoribbons (2011) Ryu S, Maultzsch J, Han MY, Kim P, Brus LE Journal article Raman 2D-Band Splitting in Graphene: Theory and Experiment (2011) Frank O, Mohr M, Maultzsch J, Thomsen C, Riaz I, Jalil R, Novoselov KS, et al. Journal article
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