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Publisher: American Chemical Society

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Random Lasing with Systematic Threshold Behavior in Films of CdSe/CdS Core/Thick-Shell Colloidal Quantum Dots (2015) Gollner C, Ziegler J, Protesescu L, Dirin DN, Lechner RT, Fritz-Popovski G, Sytnyk M, et al. Journal article, Online publication Preparation of Cd/Pb Chalcogenide Heterostructured Janus Particles via Controllable Cation Exchange (2015) Zhang J, Chernomordik BD, Crisp R, Kroupa DM, Luther JM, Miller EM, Gao J, Beard MC Journal article Symmetry Considerations for the Targeted Assembly of Entropically Stabilized Colloidal Crystals via Voronoi Particles (2015) Schultz BA, Damasceno PF, Engel M, Glotzer SC Journal article, Original article High Infrared Photoconductivity in Films of Arsenic-Sulfide-Encapsulated Lead-Sulfide Nanocrystals (2014) Yakunin S, Dirin DN, Protesescu L, Sytnyk M, Tollabimazraehno S, Humer M, Hackl F, et al. Journal article Solution-Processed Parallel Tandem Polymer Solar Cells Using Silver Nanowires as Intermediate Electrode (2014) Guo F, Kubis P, Li N, Przybilla T, Matt G, Stubhan T, Ameri T, et al. Journal article Nanocrystal Grain Growth and Device Architectures for High-Efficiency CdTe Ink-Based Photovoltaics (2014) Crisp R, Panthani MG, Rance WL, Duenow JN, Parilla PA, Callahan R, Dabney MS, et al. Journal article Combining atomistic simulation and x-ray diffraction for the characterization of nanostructures: A case study on fivefold twinned nanowires (2014) Niekiel F, Bitzek E, Spiecker E Journal article, Original article Entropically Patchy Particles: Engineering Valence through Shape Entropy (2014) Smith R, Ahmed NK, van Anders G, Engel M, Glotzer SC Journal article, Original article Role of Dopants in Long-Range Charge Carrier Transport for p-Type and n-Type Graphene Transparent Conducting Thin Films (2013) Bult JB, Crisp R, Perkins CL, Blackburn JL Journal article Mapping charge transport by electroluminescence in chirality-selected carbon nanotube networks (2013) Jakubka F, Backes C, Gannott F, Mundloch U, Hauke F, Hirsch A, Zaumseil J Journal article, Original article
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