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Evaluating Reflective Writing in Pre-Service Teachers: The Potential of a Mixed-Methods Approach (2023) Zhang C, Schießl J, Plößl L, Hofmann F, Gläser-Zikuda M Journal article Equity Gaps in Literacy among Elementary School Students from Two Countries: The Negative Social Resonance Effect of Intersectional Disadvantage and the Dampening Effect of Learning Capital (2023) Ziegler A, Luo L, Stoeger H Journal article Why Inclusive Resources Matter—The Importance of Inclusive Internal Resources for Strain and Intended Inclusive Practices of Pre-Service Teachers (2023) Oetjen B Journal article From the Big Bang to Life beyond Earth: German Preservice Physics Teachers’ Conceptions of Astronomy and the Nature of Science (2023) Bitzenbauer P, Hennig F, Lipps M, Ubben M Journal article Correspondence Heuristic and Filter-Empowerment Heuristic: Investigating the Reversed Gender Achievement Gap in a Sample of Secondary School Students in Saudi Arabia within the Framework of Educational and Learning Capital (2022) Stoeger H, Almulhim N, Ziegler A Journal article Exploring Learning Difficulties in Abstract Algebra: The Case of Group Theory (2022) Veith JM, Bitzenbauer P, Girnat B Journal article, Original article Assessing Learners’ Conceptual Understanding of Introductory Group Theory Using the CI²GT: Development and Analysis of a Concept Inventory (2022) Veith JM, Bitzenbauer P, Girnat B Journal article, Original article Preservice Teachers' Online Self-Regulated Learning: Does Digital Readiness Matter? (2022) Fuchs K, Pösse L, Bedenlier S, Gläser-Zikuda M, Kammerl R, Kopp B, Ziegler A, Händel M Journal article Two Cognitive Dimensions of Students’ Mental Models in Science: Fidelity of Gestalt and Functional Fidelity (2022) Ubben M, Bitzenbauer P Journal article, Original article Climate Adaptation as Organizational Learning: A Grounded Theory Study on Manufacturing Companies in a Bavarian Region (2022) Fischer S, Keupp L, Paeth H, Göhlich M, Schmitt J Journal article