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Towards “Design for Interoperability” in the context of Systems Engineering (2021) Sjarov M, Kißkalt D, Lechler T, Selmaier A, Franke J Journal article Data Farming in Production Systems - A Review on Potentials, Challenges and Exemplary Applications (2021) Lechler T, Sjarov M, Franke J Journal article Data-driven quality monitoring of bending processes in hairpin stator production using machine learning techniques (2021) Mayr A, Röll P, Winkle D, Enzmann M, Bickel B, Franke J Conference contribution Effect of various cooling lubricant strategies on turning Inconel 718 with different cutting materials (2021) Ostrowicki N, Kaim A, Gross D, Hanenkamp N Journal article, Original article Improved design flexibility of open robot cells through tool-center-point monitoring (2021) Deuerlein C, Müller F, Seßner J, Heß P, Franke J Conference contribution A machine learning approach to estimate product costs in the early product design phase: a use case from the automotive industry (2021) Bodendorf F, Franke J Journal article, Original article Automatised quality assessment in additive layer manufacturing using layer-by-layer surface measurements and deep learning (2021) Roux LL, Liu C, Ji Z, Kerfriden P, Gage D, Feyer F, Körner C, Bigot S Conference contribution Model improvement through real data connection for Virtual commissioning in ramp-up management of scalable production systems (2021) Kampker A, Wessel S, Lutz N, Heine S, Mayr A, Kuhn A Conference contribution A strategic approach to improve the development of use-oriented knowledge-based engineering configurators (KBEC) (2021) Schäffer E, Shafiee S, Mayr A, Franke J Journal article, Review article Process-Driven Approach within the Engineering Domain by Combining Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) with Process Engines (2021) Schäffer E, Stiehl V, Schwab P, Mayr A, Lierhammer J, Franke J Journal article, Review article