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A Modular Architecture for the Design of Condition Monitoring Processes (2016) Fleischmann H, Kohl J, Franke J Conference contribution Static Versus Dynamic Provision of Worker Information in Manual Assembly: A Comparative Study Using Eye Tracking to Investigate the Impact on Productivity and Added Value Based on Industrial Case Examples (2016) Lusic M, Fischer C, Braz KS, Alam M, Hornfeck R, Franke J Conference contribution Applicability of blasted blanks for adaption of tribological conditions in sheet-bulk metal forming (2016) Löffler M, Andreas K, Engel U, Merklein M Journal article Local adjustment of surface integrity of forming tools by adaptation of tool making process (2016) Andreas K, Henneberg J, Koch JPK, Merklein M Journal article From Phonebloks to Google Project Ara. A Case Study of the Application of Sustainable Mass Customization (2016) Hankammer S, Jiang R, Kleer R, Schymanietz M Conference contribution Integrating optical 3D measurement techniques in pipe bending: a model-based approach minimising waste by deriving real functional design behaviour (2016) Katona S, Lušić M, Koch M, Wartzack S Journal article An Introduction of Two Different Modelica System Integration Concepts (2016) Meinel D, Faltus F, Franke J Journal article Enabling Live Data Controlled Manual Assembly Processes by Worker Information System and Nearfield Localization System (2016) Fischer C, Lusic M, Faltus F, Hornfeck R, Franke J Journal article Crisis Situations in Engineering Product Development: A TRIZ based approach (2016) Muenzberg C, Hammer J, Brem A, Lindemann U Journal article An Approach of a Knowledge-based Process to Integrate Real Geometry Models in Product Simulations (2016) Katona S, Koch M, Wartzack S Journal article