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Interstitial elements created via metal 3D printing (2023) Hariharan K Journal article, Original article Materials and technologies for multifunctional, flexible or integrated supercapacitors and batteries (2021) Fu W, Turcheniuk K, Naumov O, Mysyk R, Wang F, Liu M, Kim D, et al. Journal article, Review article Electrically powered repeatable air explosions using microtubular graphene assemblies (2021) Schuett F, Rasch F, Deka N, Reimers A, Saure LM, Kaps S, Rank J, et al. Journal article The remediation of nano-/microplastics from water (2021) Sarcletti M, Park H, Wirth J, Englisch S, Eigen A, Drobek D, Vivod D, et al. Journal article, Original article Nanobiosensing with graphene and carbon quantum dots: Recent advances (2020) Walther BK, Dinu CZ, Guldi DM, Sergeyev VG, Creager SE, Cooke JP, Guiseppi-Elie A Journal article, Review article Nanocellulose as a natural source for groundbreaking applications in materials science: Today's state (2018) Klemm D, Cranston ED, Fischer D, Gama M, Kedzior SA, Kralisch D, Kramer F, et al. Journal article, Review article Interface affected zone for optimal strength and ductility in heterogeneous laminate (2018) Huang CX, Wang YF, Ma XL, Yin S, Höppel HW, Göken M, Wu XL, et al. Journal article Influence of the particle size and the filling degree of barium titanate filled silicone elastomers used as potential dielectric elastomers on the mechanical properties and the crosslinking density (2018) Ziegmann A, Schubert DW Journal article, Original article Toward a molecular design of porous carbon materials (2017) Borchardt L, Zhu QL, Casco ME, Berger R, Zhuang X, Kaskel S, Feng X, Xu Q Journal article, Review article Gold platelets for high-quality plasmonics (2016) Hoffmann B, Feichtner T, Christiansen S Journal article, Note