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Regioselective Synthesis of Hamilton‐Receptor‐Fullerene Oligo‐Adducts for the Supramolecular Binding of Cyanuric Derivatives (2024) Wachter M, Scholz B, Schulze E, Hampel F, Perez-Ojeda Rodriguez ME, Hirsch A Journal article Self‐Assembled Supported Ionic Liquids (2023) Tavera Méndez CL, Bergen A, Trzeciak S, Heinemann FW, Graf R, Zahn D, Meyer K, et al. Journal article Sugar‐bridged fullerene dumbbells and their interaction with the [10]cycloparaphenylene nanoring (2023) Jakšić J, Solymosi I, Hirsch A, Perez-Ojeda Rodriguez ME, Mitrović A, Maslak V Journal article Sequential Tether-Directed Synthesis of New [3:2:1] Hexakis-Adducts of C-60 with a Mixed Octahedral Addition Pattern (2021) Wachter M, Jurkiewicz L, Hirsch A Journal article Gadolinium(III)-Based Dual H-1/F-19 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Probes (2019) Pujales Paradela R Journal article, Original article Synthesis and Characterization of Nanotubes from Misfit (LnS)(1+y)TaS2 (Ln=Pr, Sm, Gd, Yb) Compounds (2018) Serra M, Stolovas D, Houben L, Popovitz-Biro R, Pinkas I, Kampmann F, Maultzsch J, et al. Journal article Alkali-Metal-Templated Self-Assembly of Nickel(II) [12-MC-3] Metallacoronates Based on Bis(pyrazol-1-yl)acetato Ligands (2018) Beyer A, von Gernler M, Pflock S, Türkoglu G, Müller L, Zahl A, Gieb K, et al. Journal article, Original article Isomerically Pure Star-Shaped Triphenylene-Perylene Hybrids Involving Highly Extended π-Conjugation (2018) Nuin Pla NE, Lloret Segura VJ, Amsharov K, Hauke F, Abellan Saez G, Hirsch A Journal article, Original article Acenequinocumulenes: Lateral and vertical π-extended analogs of tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) (2017) Gruber M, Padberg K, Min J, Waterloo A, Hampel F, Maid H, Ameri T, et al. Journal article, Original article Spectroscopic Observation and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ga Surface Segregation in Liquid Pd-Ga Alloys (2017) Grabau M, Erhard J, Taccardi N, Krick Calderon S, Wasserscheid P, Görling A, Steinrück HP, Papp C Journal article