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Himalayan fir reveals moist phase during Little Ice Age in the Kashmir region of the western Himalayas (2023) CHINTHALA BD, Ranhotra PS, Grießinger J, Singh CP, Bräuning A Journal article Neanderthals in changing environments from MIS 5 to early MIS 4 in northern Central Europe – Integrating archaeological, (chrono)stratigraphic and paleoenvironmental evidence at the site of Lichtenberg (2022) Weiß M, Hein M, Urban B, Stahlschmidt MC, Heinrich S, Hilbert Y, Power RC, et al. Journal article Radiocarbon and U-series age constraints for the Lateglacial rock art of Sicily (2020) Di Maida G, Mannino MA, Zilhão J, Hoffmann DL, García-Diez M, Pastoors A, Standish CD, et al. Journal article Impact of climatic extremes on Alpine ecosystems during MIS 3 (2020) Stojakowits P, Mayr C, Lücke A, Wissel H, Hedenäs L, Lempe B, Friedmann A, Diersche V Journal article Deglacial–Holocene Svalbard paleoceanography and evidence of meltwater pulse 1B (2020) Tian SY, Yasuhara M, Hong Y, Huang HH, Iwatani H, Chiu WTR, Mamo B, et al. Journal article High-resolution geochemical record of environmental changes during MIS 3 from the northern Alps (Nesseltalgraben, Germany) (2019) Mayr C, Stojakowits P, Lempe B, Blaauw M, Diersche V, Grohganz M, Correa ML, et al. Journal article, Original article Refining the Late Quaternary tephrochronology for southern South America using the Laguna Potrok Aike sedimentary record (2019) Smith RE, Smith VC, Fontijn K, Gebhardt AC, Wastegård S, Zolitschka B, Ohlendorf C, et al. Journal article The paleolimnologist's guide to compound-specific stable isotope analysis - An introduction to principles and applications of CSIA for Quaternary lake sediments (2019) Holtvoeth J, Whiteside JH, Engels S, Freitas FS, Grice K, Greenwood P, Johnson S, et al. Journal article Digesting the data - Effects of predator ingestion on the oxygen isotopic signature of micro-mammal teeth (2017) Barham M, Blyth AJ, Wallwork MD, Joachimski M, Martin L, Evans NJ, Laming B, McDonald BJ Journal article, Original article Boreal spring precipitation variability in the cold arid western Himalaya during the last millennium, regional linkages, and socio-economic implications (2016) Yadava AK, Bräuning A, Singh J, Yadav RR Journal article, Original article
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