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GLUT1-mediated glucose import in B cells is critical for anaplerotic balance and humoral immunity (2024) Bierling T, Gumann A, Ottmann S, Schulz S, Weckwerth L, Thomas J, Geßner A, et al. Journal article Long interspersed nuclear elements safeguard neural progenitors from precocious differentiation (2024) Toda T, Bedrosian TA, Schafer ST, Cuoco MS, Linker SB, Ghassemzadeh S, Mitchell L, et al. Journal article Tissue niche occupancy determines the contribution of fetal- versus bone-marrow-derived macrophages to IgG effector functions (2024) Wöhner M, Brechtelsbauer S, Friedrich N, Vorsatz C, Bulang J, Liang C, Schorr L, et al. Journal article SARS-CoV-2 variants with NSP12 P323L/G671S mutations display enhanced virus replication in ferret upper airways and higher transmissibility (2023) Kim SM, Kim EH, Casel MAB, Kim YI, Sun R, Kwak MJ, Yoo JS, et al. Journal article Anillin forms linear structures and facilitates furrow ingression after septin and formin depletion (2023) Lebedev M, Chan FY, Lochner A, Bellessem J, Osório DS, Rackles E, Mikeladze-Dvali T, et al. Journal article Mixed IgG Fc immune complexes exhibit blended binding profiles and refine FcR affinity estimates (2023) Tan ZC, Lux A, Biburger M, Varghese P, Lees S, Nimmerjahn F, Meyer AS Journal article High-fat-diet-associated intestinal microbiota exacerbates psoriasis-like inflammation by enhancing systemic γδ T cell IL-17 production (2023) Sonomoto K, Song R, Eriksson D, Hahn AM, Meng X, Lyu P, Cao S, et al. Journal article IL-3 orchestrates ulcerative colitis pathogenesis by controlling the development and the recruitment of splenic reservoir neutrophils (2023) Benard A, Mittelstädt A, Klösch B, Glanz K, Müller J, Schoen J, Nüse B, et al. Journal article A monoclonal Trd chain supports the development of the complete set of functional γδ T cell lineages (2023) Hahn AM, Vogg L, Brey S, Schneider A, Schäfer S, Palmisano R, Pavlova A, et al. Journal article Neprilysin-dependent neuropeptide Y cleavage in the liver promotes fibrosis by blocking NPY-receptor 1 (2023) Ortiz C, Klein S, Reul WH, Magdaleno F, Groeschl S, Dietrich P, Schierwagen R, et al. Journal article