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Crossover from Antiferromagnetic to Ferromagnetic Exchange Coupling in a New Family of Bis-(μ-phenoxido)dicopper(II) Complexes: A Comprehensive Magneto-Structural Correlation by Experimental and Theoretical Study (2019) Mondal D, Majee MC, Bhattacharya K, Long J, Larionova J, Khusniyarov M, Chaudhury M Journal article Rapid Isolation and Identification of Pneumonia-Associated Pathogens from Sputum Samples Combining an Innovative Sample Preparation Strategy and Array-Based Detection (2019) Pahlow S, Lehniger L, Hentschel S, Seise B, Braun SD, Ehricht R, Berg A, et al. Journal article Electrocatalytic Performance of Titania Nanotube Arrays Coated with MoS2 by ALD toward the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (2019) Cao Y, Wu Y, Badie C, Cadot S, Camp C, Quadrelli EA, Bachmann J Journal article Profiling of multiphosphorylated peptides in kefir and their release during simulated gastrointestinal digestion (2019) Savastano ML, Liu Y, Ebner J, Dittrich D, Haus S, Gensberger-Reigl S, Pischetsrieder M Journal article, Original article Fe3O4Nanoparticles Grown on Cellulose/GO Hydrogels as Advanced Catalytic Materials for the Heterogeneous Fenton-like Reaction (2019) Chen Y, Potschke P, Pionteck J, Voit B, Qi H Journal article New 99mTc-Labeled Digitoxigenin Derivative for Cancer Cell Identification (2019) Munkert J, Gomes ER, Marostica LL, Cota BB, Lopes CL, Andrade SF, Filho JDS, et al. Journal article Surface Patterning with SiO2@PNiPAm Core–Shell Particles (2018) Tang JS, Bader RS, Görlitzer E, Wendisch JF, Bourret GR, Rey M, Vogel N Journal article, Original article Novel Fully Organic Water Oxidation Electrocatalysts: A Quest for Simplicity (2018) Wu Y, Klein V, Killian M, Behling C, Chea S, Tsogoeva S, Bachmann J Journal article, Original article Fiber-Coupled Diamond Micro-Waveguides toward an Efficient Quantum Interface for Spin Defect Centers (2017) Fujiwara M, Neitzke O, Schroder T, Schell AW, Wolters J, Zheng J, Mouradian S, et al. Journal article Modifier-Free Microfluidic Electrochemical Sensor for Heavy-Metal Detection (2017) Shen LL, Zhang GR, Li W, Biesalski M, Etzold BJ Journal article
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