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Cleavage of Organosolv Lignin to Phenols Using Nitrogen Monoxide and Hydrazine (2021) Hofmann L, Altmann LM, Fischer O, Prusko L, Xiao G, Westwood NJ, Heinrich M Journal article Purely Organic Microparticles Showing Ultralong Room Temperature Phosphorescence (2021) Thomas H, Fries F, Baerschneider T, Kroll M, Vavaleskou T, Reineke S, Gmelch M Journal article Implementation of Laser-Induced Anti-Stokes Fluorescence Power Cooling of Ytterbium-Doped Silica Glass (2021) Peysokhan M, Rostami S, Mobini E, Albrecht AR, Kuhn S, Hein S, Hupel C, et al. Journal article Synchronous Monitoring of Cement Hydration and Polymer Film Formation Using 1H-Time-Domain-NMR with T2Time-Weighted T1Time Evaluation: A Nondestructive Practicable Benchtop Method (2021) Jansen D, Ectors D, Kong X, Schmidtke C, Deschner F, Pakusch J, Jahns E, Neubauer J Journal article Fabrication and characterization of Ag-Sr-substituted hydroxyapatite/chitosan coatings deposited via electrophoretic deposition: A design of experiment study (2020) Saleem O, Wahaj M, Akhtar MA, Rehman MAU Journal article Electronic and Optical Properties of Small Metal Fluoride Clusters (2020) Cappellini G, Bosin A, Serra G, Furthmueller J, Bechstedt F, Botti S Journal article Terbium Excitation Spectroscopy as a Detection Method for Chromatographic Separation of Lanthanide-Binding Biomolecules (2020) Jurkowski W, Heilmann M, Becker A, Buchholz R, Brueck T Journal article, Original article Switchable Catalytic Polyoxometalate-Based Systems for Biomass Conversion to Carboxylic Acids (2020) Voß D, Dietrich R, Stuckart M, Albert J Journal article Rapid Colorimetric Detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Clinical Isolates Using a Magnetic Nanoparticle Biosensor (2019) Alhogail S, Suaifan GARY, Bikker FJ, Kaman WE, Weber K, Cialla-May D, Popp J, Zourob MM Journal article Tunability of MoO3 Thin-Film Properties Due to Annealing in Situ Monitored by Hard X-ray Photoemission (2019) Liao X, Jeong AR, Wilks RG, Wiesner S, Rusu M, Félix R, Xiao T, et al. Journal article
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