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Nature-inspired functional porous materials for low-concentration biomarker detection (2023) Papiano I, De Zio S, Hofer A, Malferrari M, Minguez Bacho I, Bachmann J, Rapino S, et al. Journal article, Original article Supraparticles on beads for supported catalytically active liquid metal solutions - the SCALMS suprabead concept (2023) Zimmermann T, Madubuko N, Groppe P, Raczka T, Dünninger N, Taccardi N, Carl S, et al. Journal article Porous bioactive glass micro- And nanospheres with controlled morphology: Developments, properties and emerging biomedical applications (2021) Zheng K, Sui B, Ilyas K, Boccaccini AR Journal article Giant spin Seebeck effect through an interface organic semiconductor (2020) Kalappattil , Geng R, Das R, Pham M, Luong H, Nguyen T, Popescu A, et al. Journal article Nano-sandwiched metal hexacyanoferrate/graphene hybrid thin films for in-plane asymmetric micro-supercapacitors with ultrahigh energy density (2019) He Y, Zhang P, Wang M, Wang F, Tan D, Li Y, Zhuang X, et al. Journal article Room temperature control of spin states in a thin film of a photochromic iron(ii) complex (2018) Poggini L, Milek M, Londi G, Naim A, Poneti G, Squillantini L, Magnani A, et al. Journal article, Original article Easy and versatile coating approach for long-living white hybrid light-emitting diodes (2016) Niklaus L, Dakhil H, Kostrzewa MM, Brana Coto P, Sonnewald U, Wierschem A, Costa Riquelme RD Journal article Resolving the true band gap of ZrNiSn half-Heusler thermoelectric materials (2015) Schmitt J, Gibbs ZM, Snyder GJ, Felser C Journal article A significant cathodic shift in the onset potential of photoelectrochemical water splitting for hematite nanostructures grown from Fe-Si alloys (2014) Wang L, Lee CY, Kirchgeorg R, Hildebrand H, Müller J, Spiecker E, Schmuki P Journal article Tailoring porosity in carbon materials for supercapacitor applications (2014) Borchardt L, Oschatz M, Kaskel S Journal article, Review article