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Carbon-rich cyclopentadienyl ruthenium allenylidene complexes

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Author(s): Spörler S, Strinitz F, Rodehutskors P, Müller L, Waterloo A, Dürr M, Hübner E, Ivanovic-Burmazovic I, Tykwinski R, Burzlaff N
Publication year: 2016
Volume: 40
Journal issue: 7
Pages range: 6127-6134
ISSN: 1369-9261


Ruthenium allenylidene complexes with carbon-rich polyaromatic moieties have been synthesized by using [RuCl(η-CH)(PPh)] (η-CH = cyclopentadienyl) as a precursor and the propargyl alcohols 10-ethynyl-10-hydroxyanthracen-9-one (ACO), 13-ethynyl-13-hydroxypentacen-6-one (PCO), 1-phenyl-1-(pyren-1-yl)prop-2-yn-1-ol (PyrPh), 9-ethynyl-9H-fluoren-9-ol (FN) and 6-ethynyl-6H-benzo[cd]pyren-6-ol (BPyr) as ligands. The resulting cationic allenylidene complexes, [Ru(η-CH)(CC(AO))(PPh)]PF (1), [Ru(η-CH)(CC(PCO))(PPh)]PF (2), [Ru(η-CH)(CC(PyrPh))(PPh)]PF (3), [Ru(η-CH)(CC(FN))(PPh)]PF (4), and [Ru(η-CH)(CC(BPyr))(PPh)]PF (5) show interesting intermolecular π-interactions in the solid-state structure as well as solution state complexation with pyrene (documented by Job's plots experiments). CV data indicate possible Ru(ii)/Ru(iii) oxidation, as well as the potential reduction of the carbon-rich allenylidene moiety.

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APA: Spörler, S., Strinitz, F., Rodehutskors, P., Müller, L., Waterloo, A., Dürr, M.,... Burzlaff, N. (2016). Carbon-rich cyclopentadienyl ruthenium allenylidene complexes. New Journal of Chemistry, 40(7), 6127-6134.

MLA: Spörler, Susanne, et al. "Carbon-rich cyclopentadienyl ruthenium allenylidene complexes." New Journal of Chemistry 40.7 (2016): 6127-6134.

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