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Hydrogen-bond-assisted topochemical synthesis of a multivalent zwitterionic tetramer via concomitant cross- and homo [2+2] photocycloadditions. Theoretical antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 (2023) Escalona A, Heinemann FW, Briceño A, Alvarado YJ, Paz JL, Lossada C, González-Paz L, et al. Journal article Developing bulky P-alkene ligands: stabilization of copper complexes with 14 valence electrons (2022) Grasruck A, Parla G, Heinemann FW, Langer J, Herrera AC, Friess S, Schmid G, Dorta R Journal article Tryptophan moiety ligand based tri/tetranuclear Ni(ii) complexes: syntheses, structure and magnetic properties (2022) Mahish MK, Carrella LM, Patra A, Saren D, Zangrando E, Vojtisek P, Rentschler E, Manna SC Journal article Laser-induced switching of the biological activity of phosphonate molecules (2021) Kolesnikov I, Khokhlova A, Pankin D, Pilip A, Egorova A, Zigel V, Gureev M, et al. Journal article In situ microsynthesis of polyaniline: synthesis-structure-conductivity correlation (2021) Vasileva A, Pankin D, Mikhailovskii V, Kolesnikov I, Minguez Bacho I, Bachmann J, Manshina A Journal article First example of Ugi's amine as a platform for the construction of chiral coordination polymers: synthesis and properties (2021) Gilmanova L, Shekurov R, Khrizanforov M, Ivshin K, Kataeva O, Bon V, Senkovska I, et al. Journal article Fluorescence detection of phosphonates in water by a naphthalimide-based receptor and its derived cryopolymers (2020) Oshchepkov A, Oshchepkov M, Kamagurov S, Redchuk A, Oshchepkova M, Popov K, Kataev E Journal article Studies of the stability, nucleophilic substitution reactions, DNA/BSA interactions, cytotoxic activity, DFT and molecular docking of some tetra- and penta-coordinated gold(iii) complexes (2020) Radisavljevic S, Kesic AD, Cocic D, Puchta R, Senft L, Milutinovic M, Milivojevic N, Petrovic B Journal article Naturally derived nano- And micro-drug delivery vehicles: Halloysite, vaterite and nanocellulose (2020) Vikulina AS, Voronin D, Fakhrullin R, Vinokurov V, Volodkin D Journal article, Review article Counter-complementarity control of the weak exchange interaction in a bent {Ni(ii)3 complex with a μ-phenoxide-μ-carboxylate double bridge (2019) Fiorini G, Carrella L, Rentschler E, Albores P Journal article