Application of Tailor Heat Treated Blanks technology in a joining by forming process

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Author(s): Graser M, Wiesenmayer S, Müller M, Merklein M
Journal: Journal of Materials Processing Technology
Publication year: 2019
Volume: 264
Pages range: 259-272
ISSN: 0924-0136
eISSN: 1873-4774


The usage of modern materials in the automotive industry for the body in white construction leads to increasing requirements for the manufacturing process. Due to the limited formability of high-strength aluminium alloys and steels, joining by forming of these dissimilar materials is still a big challenge, which requires suitable and innovative manufacturing technologies. In sheet forming processes the Tailor Heat Treated Blank (THTB) technology allows enhancing the formability of high-strength aluminium alloys. Therefore, the applicability of the THTB technology for the shear-clinching technology is investigated in this paper. Up till now, this innovative joining by forming technology is only qualified to join ductile aluminium alloys and high-strength steels, but the combination of high-strength aluminium and high-strength steel has not been realized yet. In this research work, the limits of the shear-clinching process have been extended to successfully join the material combinations of AA7075 on the punch side and HCT780X, as well as press hardened 22MnB5 on the die side by using aluminium specimens with different heat treatment layouts. Further, this paper shows the possibility to adjust the material flow of the shear-clinching process by local and short-term heat treatment.

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Graser, Matthias
Merklein, Marion Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Müller, Martin
Institute of Manufacturing Technology
Wiesenmayer, Sebastian
Institute of Manufacturing Technology

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Graser, M., Wiesenmayer, S., Müller, M., & Merklein, M. (2019). Application of Tailor Heat Treated Blanks technology in a joining by forming process. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 264, 259-272.

Graser, Matthias, et al. "Application of Tailor Heat Treated Blanks technology in a joining by forming process." Journal of Materials Processing Technology 264 (2019): 259-272.


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