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Ultrasound-assisted material characterization: An innovative method for the non-destructive in-situ detection of microstructural changes of high-strength aluminum alloys (2024) Rigas N, Lypchanskyi O, Prahl U, Merklein M Journal article, Online publication Influence of the in-situ heat treatment during manufacturing on the microstructure and properties of DED-LB/M manufactured maraging tool steel (2023) Hentschel O, Krakhmalev P, Fredriksson G, Olsèn J, Selte A, Schmidt M Journal article, Review article A unified model for isothermal and non-isothermal phase transformation in hot stamping of 22MnB5 steel (2023) Hart-Rawung T, Buhl J, Horn A, Bambach M, Merklein M Journal article Alloy design and adaptation for additive manufacture (2022) Clare AT, Mishra RS, Merklein M, Tan H, Todd I, Chechik L, Li J, Bambach M Journal article, Review article Erratum: “Potential of joining dissimilar materials by cold formed pin-structures” (Journal of Materials Processing Tech. (2020) 283, (S0924013620301114), (10.1016/j.jmatprotec.2020.116697)) (2021) Kraus M, Merklein M Journal article, Erratum Novel strategy for quality improvement of up-facing inclined surfaces of LPBF parts by combining laser-induced shock waves and in situ laser remelting (2021) Metelkova J, Ordnung D, Kinds Y, Van Hooreweder B Journal article On the hot deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V made by additive manufacturing (2021) Bambach M, Sizova I, Szyndler J, Bennett J, Hyatt G, Cao J, Papke T, Merklein M Journal article An Innovative Process Combination of Additive Manufacturing and Sheet Bulk Metal Forming for Manufacturing a Functional Hybrid Part (2020) Merklein M, Schulte RK, Papke T Journal article Thermoforming of planar polymer optical waveguides for integrated optics in smart packaging materials (2020) Hoffmann GA, Wienke A, Reitberger T, Franke J, Kaierle S, Overmeyer L Journal article Potential of Joining Dissimilar Materials by Cold Formed Pin-Structures (2020) Kraus M, Merklein M Journal article