Towards an exascale enabled sparse solver repository

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Author(s): Thies J, Galgon M, Shahzad F, Alvermann A, Kreutzer M, Pieper A, Röhrig-Zöllner M, Basermann A, Fehske H, Hager G, Lang B, Wellein G
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Publication year: 2016
Volume: 113
Pages range: 295-316
ISBN: 9783319405261


As we approach the exascale computing era, disruptive changes in the software landscape are required to tackle the challenges posed by manycore CPUs and accelerators. We discuss the development of a new ‘exascale enabled’ sparse solver repository (the ESSR) that addresses these challenges—from fundamental design considerations and development processes to actual implementations of some prototypical iterative schemes for computing eigenvalues of sparse matrices. Key features of the ESSR include holistic performance engineering, tight integration between software layers and mechanisms to mitigate hardware failures.

FAU Authors / FAU Editors

Hager, Georg Dr.
Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen (RRZE)
Kreutzer, Moritz
Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen (RRZE)
Shahzad, Faisal
Professur für Höchstleistungsrechnen
Wellein, Gerhard Prof. Dr.
Professur für Höchstleistungsrechnen

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Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR)
Universität Greifswald

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Thies, J., Galgon, M., Shahzad, F., Alvermann, A., Kreutzer, M., Pieper, A.,... Wellein, G. (2016). Towards an exascale enabled sparse solver repository. Springer Verlag.

Thies, Jonas, et al. Towards an exascale enabled sparse solver repository. Springer Verlag, 2016.


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