Interactive screen experiments with single photons

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Author(s): Bronner P, Strunz A, Silberhorn C, Meyn JP
Journal: European Journal of Physics
Publisher: Institute of Physics: Hybrid Open Access
Publication year: 2009
Volume: 30
Pages range: 345-353
ISSN: 0143-0807
eISSN: 1361-6404
Language: English


Single photons are used for fundamental quantum physics experiments as well as for applications. Originally being a topic of advance courses, such experiments are increasingly a subject of undergraduate courses. We provide interactive screen experiments (ISE) for supporting the work in a real laboratory, and for students who do not have access to a quantum optics laboratory. The main focus of the ISE is on undergraduate education, but some of the experiments are suitable for other levels of higher education as well. © 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.

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Meyn, Jan-Peter Prof. Dr.
Professur für Didaktik der Physik
Strunz, Andreas
Professur für Didaktik der Physik

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Bronner, P., Strunz, A., Silberhorn, C., & Meyn, J.-P. (2009). Interactive screen experiments with single photons. European Journal of Physics, 30, 345-353.

Bronner, Patrick, et al. "Interactive screen experiments with single photons." European Journal of Physics 30 (2009): 345-353.


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