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Publisher: European Physical Society

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Modelling inductive charging of electric cars in an experimental setup: teaching physics concepts in the context of electromobility (2022) Fösel A, Wilhelm S Journal article, Original article Physics competitions in the time of a pandemic: 3D printing as a new approach to the quantitative investigation of Cartesian divers at home (2021) Bley J, Pietz A, Fösel A, Schmiedeberg M, Heusler S, Pusch A Journal article, Original article Focus on physics competitions—a résumé concerning submissions in 2020 and an encouragement for future submissions (2021) Fösel A Journal article Oscillations due to time-delayed driving of a ball in a water jet - a challenging problem of the International Physicists' Tournament 2019 (2020) Michalke S, Fösel A, Schmiedeberg M Journal article Demonstrating the Barkhausen effect with high signal-to-noise ratio (2017) Meyn JP Journal article, Original article Editorial. Focus on Physics Competitions 2016 (2017) Fösel A, Mathelitsch L Journal article, Original article Inexpensive Mie scattering experiment for the classroom manufactured by 3D printing (2016) Scholz C, Sack A, Heckel M, Pöschel T Journal article, Original article Ultrafast (picosecond) laser oscillator for educational use (2016) Pflaum C, Alexeev I, Ugurlu AD, Seerdar G Journal article, Report The kinematic advantage of electric cars (2015) Meyn JP Journal article Quantitative analysis of a wind energy conversion model (2015) Zucker F, Strunz A, Gräbner A, Meyn JP Journal article