Prof. Dr. Laura Cottatellucci


Professur für Digitale Übertragung

Publications ()

Yin, H., Cottatellucci, L., Gesbert, D., Müller, R., & He, G. (2016). A robust pilot decontamination method for massive MIMO systems. Shanghai, CN.
Artuso, M., Boviz, D., Checko, A., Christiansen, H., Clerckx, B., Cottatellucci, L.,... Zhou, L. (2016). Enhancing LTE with Cloud-RAN and Load-Controlled Parasitic Antenna Arrays. IEEE Communications Magazine, 54(12), 183-191.
Yin, H., Cottatellucci, L., Gesbert, D., Müller, R., & He, G. (2016). Robust pilot decontamination based on koint angle and power domain discrimination. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 64(11), 2990-3003.
Cottatellucci, L., Müller, R., & Vehkapera, M. (2013). Analysis of pilot decontamination based on power control. Dresden.
Cottatellucci, L., Müller, R., & Debbah, M. (2010). Asynchronous CDMA systems with random spreadingpart II: Design criteria. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 56(4), 1498-1520.
Cottatellucci, L., Debbah, M., & Müller, R. (2007). Statistics and chip pulse design for efficient multiuser detection in asynchronous CDMA. (pp. 1993-1997). Kowloon.
Müller, R., & Cottatellucci, L. (2005). Joint antenna combining and multiuser detection. In Thomas Kaiser (Eds.), Smart Antennas: State of the Art (pp. 77-96). Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

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