Samir Mammadov


Lehrstuhl für Laserphysik

Publications (Download BibTeX)

Gebhardt, J., Koch, R., Zhao, W., Höfert, O., Gotterbarm, K., Mammadov, S.,... Seyller, T. (2013). Growth and electronic structure of boron-doped graphene. Physical Review B, 87(15).
Ristein, J., Mammadov, S., & Seyller, T. (2012). Origin of Doping in Quasi-Free-Standing Graphene on Silicon Carbide. Physical Review Letters, 108, 246104.
Edmonds, M.T., Pakes, C.I., Mammadov, S., Zhang, W., Tadich, A., Ristein, J., & Ley, L. (2011). Surface band bending and electron affinity as a function of hole accumulation density in surface conducting diamond. Applied Physics Letters, 88, 102101.

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