Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: SOL ENERG MAT SOL C
ISSN: 0927-0248
Verlag: Elsevier


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Band: 195, Seitenbereich: 291-298
Ionic Dipolar Switching Hinders Charge Collection in Perovskite Solar Cells with Normal and Inverted Hysteresis (2019)
Almora Rodriguez O, Lopez-varo P, Cho KT, et al.

Band: 168, Seitenbereich: 221-226
Superior Performance of V2O5 as Hole Selective Contact over other Transition Metal Oxides in Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells (2017)
Almora Rodriguez O, Gerling LG, Voz C, et al.

Band: 145, Seitenbereich: 104-108
Cubic silicon carbide as a potential photovoltaic material (2016)
Syväjärvi M, Ma Q, Jokubavicius V, et al.

Band: 132, Seitenbereich: 450-454
Investigation of pentaarylazafullerenes as acceptor systems for bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells (2015)
Wessendorf CD, Eigler R, Eigler S, et al.

Band: 128, Seitenbereich: 441--446
Large area slot-die coated organic solar cells on flexible substrates with non-halogenated solution formulations (2014)
Machui F, Lucera L, Spyropoulos G, et al.

Band: 124, Seitenbereich: 133-137
Quantitative imaging of shunts in organic photovoltaic modules using lock-in thermography (2014)
Besold S, Hoyer U, Bachmann J, et al.

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