Materials Research Society Symposium - Proceedings

ISSN: 0272-9172
Verlag: Materials Research Society


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Band: 1718, Seitenbereich: 9-14
Anisotropic composites of desaminotyrosine and desaminotyrosyl tyrosine functionalized gelatin and bioactive glass microparticles (2015)
Julich-Gruner KK, Lendlein A, Boccaccini AR, et al.

Band: 1069, Seitenbereich: 3-14
Bulk growth of SiC (2008)
Wellmann P, Müller R, Sakwe A, et al.

Band: 911
Silicon Carbide Growth: C/Si Ratio Evaluation and Modeling (2006)
Pons M, Wellmann P, Nishizawa SI, et al.

Band: 771
Oligothiophene Organic Thin Film Transistors and Circuits (2003)
Halik M, Klauk H, Zschieschang U, et al.

Band: 710, Seitenbereich: ????
Liquids under shear explored by neutron scattering: A problem in lubrication (2002)
Magerl A, Hock R

Heftnummer: 685E, Band: 685, Seitenbereich: 1-6
(001)-Textured Laser-Crystallized Silicon thin Films on Glass Substrates (2001)
Nerding M, Christiansen S, Eßer G, et al.

Band: 633, Seitenbereich: A1121-A1126
13C NMR study of functionalized nanotubes (2001)
Hirsch A, Goze Bac C, Holzinger M, et al.

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