physica status solidi (a)

Abkürzung der Fachzeitschrift: PHYS STATUS SOLIDI A
ISSN: 1862-6300
Verlag: Wiley


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Annealing of Pt-H Defects in High-Voltage Si p+/n− Diodes (2019)
Rasinger F, Prohinig J, Schulze H, et al.

Growing bulk-like 3C-SiC from seeding material produced by CVD (2017)
Schuh P, Arzig M, Litrico G, et al.

Heftnummer: 4, Band: 211, Seitenbereich: 817-822
Nanostructured hybrid material based on highly mismatched III-V nanocrystals fully embedded in silicon (2014)
Benyoucef M, Al-Zoubi T, Reithmaier JP, et al.

Heftnummer: 11, Band: 211, Seitenbereich: 2450-2454
Radial oxygen precipitation of a 12 '' CZ silicon crystal studied in-situ with high energy X-ray diffraction (2014)
Bergmann C, Will J, Gröschel A, et al.

Heftnummer: 4, Band: 208, Seitenbereich: 893-899
Photoluminescence of samples produced by electroless wet chemical etching: Between silicon nanowires and porous structures (2011)
Voigt F, Sivakov V, Gerliz V, et al.

Heftnummer: 2, Band: 208, Seitenbereich: 284-299
Resistive memory switching in layered oxides: A nB nO 3n+2 perovskite derivatives and Bi 2Sr 2CaCu 2O 8+δ high-T c superconductor (2011)
Koval Y, Chowdhury F, Jin X, et al.

Heftnummer: 4, Band: 207, Seitenbereich: 967-973
Growth and luminescent properties of TbAlO3 (2010)
Zorenko Y, Gorbenko V, Vozniak T, et al.

Band: 206, Seitenbereich: 435-441
A micron-sized nanoporous multifunction sensing device (2009)
Moreno I Codinachs L, Birkenstock C, Garma T, et al.

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