European Economic Review

Journal Abbreviation: EUR ECON REV
ISSN: 0014-2921
Publisher: Elsevier


Volume: 119, Pages range: 287-301
Whistleblowing and diffusion of responsibility: An experiment (2019)
Choo L, Grimm V, Horváth G, et al.

Volume: 110, Pages range: 18-40
Identifying asymmetric effects of labor market reforms (2018)
Gehrke B, Weber E

Journal issue: 100, Pages range: 175-192
On the impact of quotas and decision rules in collective bargaining (2017)
Feicht R, Grimm V, Rau H, et al.

Volume: 84, Pages range: 99-122
Does Short-Time Work Save Jobs? A Business Cycle Analysis (2016)
Gehrke B, Lechthaler W, Merkl C, et al.

Volume: 63, Pages range: 170-185
An experiment on supply function competition (2013)
Bolle F, Grimm V, Ockenfels A, et al.

Volume: 64, Pages range: 147-168
Taking the initiative. What characterizes leaders? (2013)
Bruttel L, Fischbacher U

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