Electronic properties of nanowires: doping, scattering, contacts & device-layout (Prof. Krstić)

Professur für Angewandte Physik

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Krstic, Vojislav Prof. Dr.


The focus of our research is on electronic (spinpolarised) charge-transport phenomena in quasi-1D semiconductor (Ge, Si, InAs) and metal nanowires (Ag), as well as doped carbon nanotubes.

Such structures are proto-type building-blocks for future Information and Communication Technology devices (more-than-Moore and high-speed electronics).

Main aspects investigated are (spinpolarised) charge-injection, contact-resistivity & -topology, scattering from defects, intrinsic and introduced by post-implantation, and nanowire surface incl. the impact of functionalisation, electron-mediated magnetic coupling between dopant atoms, and correlation of the electronic properties with different nanowire synthesis techniques. Single and arrays of nanowires and single carbon nanotubes are experimentally studied by electrical transport measurements down to cryogenic temperatures and in the presence of external magnetic fields.

Key-words: nanowire, nanotube, electrical transport, doping, surface-doping, contact, device, surface-doping, metal-to-insulator transition, long-range magnetic coupling

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