Mohanlal Sukhadia University / University of Udaipur

Universität / Hochschule

Standort der Organisation:
Udaipur, Indien

Publikationen in Kooperation mit FAU-Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern

Schöbel, S., Sharma, K.K., Hörbrand, T., Böhm, T., Donhauser, I., & de Wall, H. (2017). Continental rift-setting and evolution of neoproterozoic Sindreth basin in NW-India. Journal of Earth System Science, 126(6).
Scharfenberg, L., de Wall, H., Schöbel, S., Minor, A., Maurer, M., Pandit, M.K., & Sharma, K.K. (2015). In situ gamma radiation measurements in the Neoproterozoic rocks of Sirohi region, NW India. Journal of Earth System Science, 124(6), 1223-1234.
de Wall, H., Pandit, M.K., Sharma, K.K., Schöbel, S., & Just, J. (2014). Deformation and granite intrusion in the Sirohi area, SW Rajasthan-Constraints on Cryogenian to Pan-African crustal dynamics of NW India. Precambrian Research, 254, 1-18.
de Wall, H., Pandit, M.K., & Chauhan, N.K. (2012). Paleosol occurrences along the Archean-Proterozoic contact in the Aravalli craton, NW India. Precambrian Research, 120-131.
Pandit, M.K., de Wall, H., & Chauhan, N.K. (2008). Paleosol at the Archean-Proterozoic contact in NW India revisited: Evidence for oxidizing conditions during paleo-weathering? Journal of Earth System Science, 117(3), 201-209.

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