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Washington, DC, United States (USA)

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Papineau, D., De Gregorio, B.T., Sagar, J., Thorogate, R., Wang, J., Nittler, L.,... Thornton, G. (2019). Fossil biomass preserved as graphitic carbon in a late paleoproterozoic banded iron formation metamorphosed at more than 550°C. Journal of the Geological Society, 176(4), 651-668.
Meyer, M.B., Ganis, G.R., Wittmer, J.M., Zalasiewicz, J.A., & de Baets, K. (2018). A Late Ordovician planktic assemblage with exceptionally preserved soft-bodied problematica from the Martinsburg Formation, Pennsylvania. Palaios, 33(1), 36-46.
Frommer, W.B., & Sonnewald, U. (2010). Progress in physiological research and its relevance for agriculture and ecology. Current Opinion in Plant Biology, 13(3), 227-232.

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