Sandia National Laboratories

Research facility

Albuquerque, Livermore, United States (USA)

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Michelsen, H.A., Schulz, C., Smallwood, G.J., & Will, S. (2015). Laser-induced incandescence: Particulate diagnostics for combustion, atmospheric, and industrial applications. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 51, 2-48.
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Douglas, C.C., Hu, J., Iskandarani, M., Kowarschik, M., Rüde, U., & Weiß, C. (2000). Maximizing Cache Memory Usage for Multigrid Algorithms. In Numerical Treatment of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media. Proc. of the Int. Workshop held at Beijing, China, August 2--6, 1999 (pp. 124-137). Peking, CN: Berlin: Springer.

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