Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik (MSP) / Max Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics

Research facility

Halle, Germany

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

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Zharnikov, M., Weinelt, M., Zebisch, P., & Steinrück, H.-P. (1996). Surface structure characterization by photoelectron holography. Thin Solid Films, 275, 266-269.
Öttinger, O., Grau, C., Winter, R., Singer, R., Feldhoff, A., Pippel, E., & Woltersdorf, J. (1995). The Effect of Aluminum Additions on Interfacial Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of C/Mg-Composites. In Proceedings of the ICCM-10 (pp. Paper VI-447). Whistler, CA.

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