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An Industry in the Spotlight of a Global Crisis: Insights on How COVID-19 Impacted the Transportation Industry (2023) Küffner C, Münch C, Kessler G Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Getting back into the swing of things: The adaptive path of purchasing and supply management in enhancing supply chain resilience (2022) Küffner C, Münch C, Hähner S, Hartmann E Journal article Collaborative Partnerships - Conceptualization of Strategic Alliances for Sustainable Supply Chains (2022) Münch C, Benz L Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Transforming resilience in the context of a pandemic: results from a cross-industry case study exploring supply chain viability (2022) Münch C, Hartmann E Journal article How did supply chain networks handle the COVID-19 pandemic? Empirical evidence from an automotive case study (2022) Spieske A, Gebhardt M, Kopyto M, Birkel H, Hartmann E Journal article Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie auf den Güterkraftverkehr in Deutschland (2022) Küffner C, Kopyto M, Birkel H Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Outsourcing Logistics Functions (2021) Hartmann E, Birkel H, Kopyto M Other publication type Industry 4.0 - Implications for Supply Chain Management and Buyer-Supplier Relationships (2021) Müller J, Veile J, Schmidt MC, Birkel H, Voigt KI Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Truck Sharing: Keine Laster - keine Hilfe (2015) Hirschinger M, Moser R, Hartmann E Journal article Corporate Social Responsibility in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Is it Beneficial for Top-Tier Suppliers to Market their Capability to Ensure a Responsible Supply Chain? (2013) Leppelt T, Foerstl K, Hartmann E Journal article
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