T - Transfer Projects

Description / Outline

Transfer projects in the CRC814 provide a platform to test results obtained through basic research in the project areas a, b and c under practical conditions or to develop prototypes. Through research carried out jointly by academics and application partners, these projects aim to improve the mutual exchange between of applied research back into basic research.

Transfer projects serve to verify the results of basic research carried out in a Collaborative Research Centre under practical conditions or to enable the development of prototypes. They also provide a framework for joint research by researchers and external partners and facilitate the exchange of results from applied research back into basic research. In transfer projects, CRC researchers cooperate with external partners, such as industry, service providers and public institutions. Application areas range from industrial production to method and process development, from the service sector right through to social projects in areas such as education, health and the environment. An individual transfer project can be funded for up to four years.