Academic Freedom Index 2024 Update

Kinzelbach K, Lindberg SI, Lott L (2024)

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Publication year: 2024

DOI: 10.25593/open-fau-405

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The latest edition of the Academic Freedom Index (AFI) provides an overview of the state of academic freedom in 179 countries in 2023, and trends over time. The AFI assesses de facto levels of academic freedom and is a unique and peer-reviewed approach to conceptualizing and assessing academic freedom worldwide.1 The aggregate index rests on five indicators, a customized Bayesian measurement model, and more than one million data points at the coder level.2 It builds on the expertise of 2,329 scholars around the globe and is freely available at and The findings presented in this year’s update build upon the AFI team’s research published in several journals in recent years.3 In line with previous AFI reports,4 this year’s data demonstrate that academic freedom globally is under threat. Using the concept of growth and decline episodes at the country level,5 the report shows that 23 countries are in episodes of decline in academic freedom, but that academic freedom is increasing in only ten countries. 3.6 billion people now live in countries where academic freedom is completely restricted. Accounting for a longer timeframe by comparing 2023 data with that of 50 years ago, we note more optimistically that academic freedom has expanded in 56 countries. Figure 1 shows the state of academic freedom in 2023, based on the latest version of the Academic Freedom Index (AFI).

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Kinzelbach, K., Lindberg, S.I., & Lott, L. (2024). Academic Freedom Index 2024 Update.


Kinzelbach, Katrin, Staffan I. Lindberg, and Lars Lott. Academic Freedom Index 2024 Update. 2024.

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