Two decades of research synthesis on digital cultural education: A tertiary review

Christ A, Penthin M, Kröner S (2024)

Publication Language: English

Publication Type: Journal article, Original article

Publication year: 2024


Book Volume: (angenommen)


Digitalization fundamentally increased access to receptive cultural participation for a broad audience and created new opportunities for active participation such as video games and social media. While studies on classical cultural activities often use qualitative designs for examining positive effects, studies on digital cultural activities tend to use quantitative designs and focus on negative effects. In order to obtain a substantiated and comprehensive overview, we subjected available published research syntheses on effects of digital cultural activities to a tertiary review including mapping their topics and analysing the research methods applied. To accomplish this goal, we screened N = 5.880 Scopus raw hits resulting in n = 65 research syntheses that met our inclusion criteria. Of all included syntheses, n = 22 were systematic literature reviews and n = 43 meta-analyses. The cultural facet investigated most frequently was video games (n = 36), classical facets were synthesized less frequently. While n = 19 syntheses focused on online interactions, n = 4 syntheses studied activities such as VR requiring special hardware. The included syntheses heavily focused on the research topics “learning” (n = 29) and “subjective well-being and mental health” (n = 26), while articles on “entertainment/engagement” were synthesized by n = 13 reviews. Most included syntheses on video games and social media focused on negative effects such as addictive or aggressive behaviour, positive effects of those activities were synthesized less frequently. The included syntheses also only rarely synthesized qualitative studies. Implications of those desiderata for systematic reviews and empirical original research on D-ACE are discussed.

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Christ, A., Penthin, M., & Kröner, S. (2024). Two decades of research synthesis on digital cultural education: A tertiary review. Journal for Educational Research Online, (angenommen).


Christ, Alexander, Marcus Penthin, and Stephan Kröner. "Two decades of research synthesis on digital cultural education: A tertiary review." Journal for Educational Research Online (angenommen) (2024).

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